Have you ever wanted to get even with an ex? One Canadian woman was jailed for leaking nude photos of her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend online. 23-year-old Newfoundland resident, Felicia Borden was sentenced to 90 days in jail after releasing images of her ex-boyfriend's new partner in an act of revenge.

We've all been there, scorned by your ex and angry over the breakup. But most of us would never stoop to the level of acting out on our anger in means of revenge. Unfortunately, Borden decided to take her revenge to the next level when she leaked nude photos in order to get back at her ex.

According to CTV News, in an attempt to humiliate her ex-boyfriend and his new partner, she came into possession of the intimate images and shared them on Facebook and the popular dating site, Plenty of Fish. 

The images reportedly show the victim fully naked and engaging in sexual activity. The ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend's identity remains anonymous. It's also unclear how Borden was able to get her hands on the intimate photos.

In December 2017, Borden pleaded guilty in Corner Brook provincial court in relation to the crime. She was charged and convicted of distributing intimate images without consent. 

The Star also reported that Judge Wayne Gorman explained that the accused knew how many people would likely see the explicit images after she had posted them to the social media platforms.

Due to the seriousness of the crime and Borden's ill intent, the presiding judge decided that Borden would have to endure jail time as a consequence. Judge Wayne Gorman told CTV News, the seriousness of the crime left him no option but to jail Borden.

Judge Wayne Gorman ultimately decided that Borden would serve a total of 90 days in jail according to The Star. He also confirmed that she will be serving the sentence during the weekends. In addition to the jail sentence, Borden will have to serve two years probation.

Borden also has strict ordered not to communicate with the victim or to share any photos of her online. 

Source: CTV News, The Star

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