It's every Canadians favourite but most frustrating time of the year. At Tim Hortons across the country, hopeful Canadians are rolling up their coffee cup rims in hopes of finding money, car, or even just a free coffee or donut. The odds of the contest are around 1 in 6, but of course, that doesn't mean you will for sure have one winning cup in every six you buy. That, however, leads some Canadians to say that Roll Up The Rim is rigged. Others have taken it one step further and are alleging that Tim Hortons employees are pre-rolling their cups and keeping the good prizes for themselves. 

Some of the accusations have aired on Twitter so far, with Canadians claiming that they have bought Tim Hortons but when they went to roll up the rim of their cup they noticed it had already been rolled up or tampered with.

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So far this year, the claims have come from all across the country, including in Ontario and out on the east coast. Despite being from completely different places, they're all claiming the same thing, that the cups they got their coffee/tea in had been rolled up and rolled back down before they even received them. 

Not surprisingly, in these three cases, all the cups turned out to be "please play again" cups. 

This isn't the first time these accusations have come out either. In 2018, Canadians had the same complaints about Roll Up The Rim, and they said then that Tim Hortons employees were to blame. 

Even back in 2017 and 2016, Canadians were claiming their Roll Up The Rim cups had been pre-rolled proving if these allegations are true, that it's been an ongoing issue. 

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On Twitter, Tim Hortons responded to one of the most recent allegations, asking the customer to reach out to them privately so they can follow up on the issue.

Narcity has also reached out to Tim Hortons in regards to these allegations and will update this story as soon as a comment is provided. 

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