Yesterday Tim Hortons unveiled their first ever loyalty program. Just one day later though, Canadians are already reporting problems with the new Tims Rewards program, whether they're using the card or the app. 

For those of you who don't know yet, Tim Hortons launched their rewards program yesterday that gives you a free coffee, tea, or donut after seven eligible purchases. They have physical cards that you can scan to get your rewards or they also have it available through their mobile app and you can scan your phone at the store to get the rewards. 

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While Canadians are very excited about this new loyalty program, unfortunately for some people the system isn't working at all. Whether they are trying to get collect rewards with the card, scan the app at the store, or even get a card they are having problems. Even when I tried to get the app and see what Tims Rewards are all about I had major problems. 

Every time I opened the Tim Hortons app I couldn't get past the log in page before the app crashed completely. I tried updating and even deleting the app and reinstalling it three times and still no luck. That means I can't access Tims Rewards on mobile at all, no matter what I do. 

I'm not the only one coming across issues with the new Tims Rewards though and the app crashing isn't the only problem people are having. Canadians have taken to Twitter to share the various problems they've encountered with the new loyalty program since it launched yesterday. 

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Some people are having problems with the physical cards themselves. 

While others seem to be having trouble with the program when they try to use the mobile app. 

Some people have even claimed that they've had problems with Tim Hortons staff who aren't yet trained on the new rewards system. 

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None the less, it's still early in Tims loyalty program, meaning if there are any kinks relating to the problems some customers are experiencing, the company has time to figure them out. On top of that, a lot of Canadians are still overwhelmingly excited about the new Tim Hortons rewards. 

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