Canadians haven't been exactly the biggest fan of Tim Hortons lately. The coffee chain recently added a new item to their menu and people have been absolutely roasting it. Canadians are already ripping apart Tim Horton's new chicken strips

Tim Hortons has added some new items to their menu lately, and some have been big hits while others have been subject to public criticism. Canadians loved their new kid's meals called Timmies Minis and their new Double Double Timbit. People ripped their new fall menu apart, as well as their new breakfast sandwich. Not to mention the quality of their coffee, which has been questioned by Canadians lately

Tim Horton's new chicken strips were just released this week, and it hasn't taken long for Canadians to complete roast them. In Ontario, three Tim Hortons' Chicken Strips and a dipping sauce will cost you $6.45, and five strips and two dipping sauces cost $9.35. 

Many Canadians are saying that it's not at all worth the price tag. Check out what people have already had to say about the new Tim Horton's chicken strips. 

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Many Canadians said the chicken strips were not worth the $6.45 price tag, especially given their tiny portions. Others took the opportunity to comment on what they thought of the poor quality of Tim Hortons in general. 

If you're looking to try the Tim Hortons new chicken strips and judge for yourself, they are available now at participating Tim Hortons locations across Canada.

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