Now that fall is just around the corner many of us are planning our next big getaway to escape the autumn chill. Sadly, the Canadian Government has issued travel advisories for multiple countries, making some of your dream destinations off limits.

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The Government issues travel advisories when a country is facing danger or if Canadian travellers are at risk by going to a certain area of the world. Today alone there were 12 brand new advisories for adventurers to be wary of. 

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There are numerous threats that have Canadian travellers at risk currently, such as Zika virus, terrorism threats, and extreme weather. Some destinations are under extreme alerts while others are only reminding travellers that there are dangerous situations abroad.  

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Of course, for those with an adventurous spirit, these advisories are only reminding you of the dangers that are out there. Those wishing to explore the great unknown are still able to, just with the extra warning to exercise caution when you do. 

Here are the following countries Canada has under travel advisories:

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1. Philippines 

The Canadian government warns Canadian travellers not to travel to the Babuyan Islands due to a super typhoon that's currently in the area. There is also a travel advisory in Davao City, Sulu Archipelago and Southern Sulu Sea, as well as Mindanao Region, due to kidnapping threats, piracy and terrorism. 

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2. Chad 

The travel advisory set in place for Chad states that due to violent crimes and terrorist threats for Canadian travellers. The advisory also includes avoiding travel within 30 kilometres of the country's borders. 

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3. Barbados

If you're planning on enjoying the hot sun in Barbados be warned that Zika virus has been found in the country. Women who are looking to become pregnant or are pregnant should avoid traveling to Barbados. 

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4. Japan 

Canadian travellers are being warned about Japan for multiple reasons, including crime, females being harassed on transit, spiked food and drinks, and fraud. There are also reminders about radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant and tension with North Korea. 

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5. Guadeloupe

While a tropical vacation would be nice, Canadian travellers are being told not to travel to Guadeloupe. The group of islands is currently being affected by Tropical Storm Isaac. 

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6. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Similar to Barbados, the dual-island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis currently have been found to have Zika virus present. Pregnant Canadian travellers should avoid as well as those who wish to become pregnant soon. 

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7. Antigua and Barbuda

Enjoying the sandy beaches of Antigua and Barbuda comes with the risk of contracting the Zika virus. If Canadian travellers are pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant in the near future they should avoid traveling to this destination. 

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8. Martinique

The French speaking island of Martinique is also under a complete travel ban due to extreme weather. The island is being affected by Tropical Storm Issac. 

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9. Saint Lucia

There is a general warning about travelling to Saint Lucia for Canadian travellers. Issues such as poor road conditions, limited medical supplies and unreliable transportation can cause dangerous for tourists.

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10. United States 

Canadians are being warned about travelling to our neighbouring country America due to Hurricane Florence. Travellers need to beware of the extreme weather on the East Coast of the country currently sitting between both North and South Carolina. 

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11. Montserrat

The British island of Montserrat is currently under travel advisory due to the Zika virus also. Canadians who are pregnant or soon wish to be pregnant should avoid travel. 

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12. Dominican Republic

Like many other travel advisories those heading to the Dominican Republic should be warned of Zika virus. Those travelling who are pregnant or wish to soon become pregnant should avoid visiting the island. 

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