The Canadian Government has issued a serious warning to all Canadians to completely avoid all travel to Mexico ahead of the major storm that's expected to hit the country. 

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Hurricane Willa is on track to make landfall in Mexico, potentially as a category 5 storm, on Tuesday before sweeping across the nation. As a category 5, Willa is expected to be an extremely powerful and dangerous storm. 

The Canadian government has updated their Mexico travel advisory to warn Canadians not to travel to the area at all, especially in regions between San Blas and Mazatlan, where the hurricane is expected to hit the hardest. 

According to the warning, Hurricane Willa is slated to bring torrential downpours and violent wind to the region, causing flash floods and landslides, all of which are a danger to Canadians. That could mean a lot of destruction to roads, buildings, and natural landscapes. 

After tracking through a lot of Northern and Western Mexico, Willa will make its way to Texas, but by then should be down-grounded to a post-tropical storm, bringing only heavy rains. The Canadian government currently hasn't issued any warnings about travelling to the US relating to the hurricane. 

This hurricane comes only weeks after Michael devastated Florida and other parts of the Eastern US, resulting in 36 deaths. That was only a category 4 storm, just like Hurricane Florence, which also hit the US earlier this year. 

On top of warnings related to Hurricane Willa, there are also warnings in place for some Northern and Western states in Mexico. The Canadian government is warning tourists to avoid non-essential travel to these areas due to the risk of violence and organized crime. 

Source: Government of Canada

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