Earlier today, the New York Review of books published an essay by Jian Ghomeshi, the once celebrated host of Q on CBC radio, whose career and life was derailed by numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and a criminal trial.

In it, Ghomeshi talks about what the experience was like for him. He was cleared of all the charges in one trial and had the charges withdrawn in another case in exchange for a peace bond promising good behaviour.

Canadians, though, have not forgiven and do not like the former host of the beloved CBC program and are speaking out about the essay online.  

As you can tell, people are beyond pissed off about the fact that this essay was published at all. There are even calls to boycott the New York Review of Books over it.

One thing that people are particularly angry about in the essay is that Ghomeshi claimed that a friend told him that he "should get some kind of public recognition as a #MeToo pioneer."

Many pointed out that, in their eyes, Ghomeshi doesn't seem remorseful or to have learned anything from his experience.

It seems Canadians would just prefer if Ghomeshi just stayed away forever.

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