It was only yesterday when users found out that Facebook had allegedly allowed over 150 companies to access users' private messages on the platform. 

For Canadians, this was especially concerning after companies like Spotify, Netflix, and even the Royal Bank of Canada were named as some of the companies who had access to private data and messages. 

After the news broke, Canadians online began encouraging each other to delete Facebook altogether, saying possible breaches like this private message sharing scandal are just another reason to cut the social network off. 

On a Reddit thread about the breach, several users admitted that because of these seemingly endless privacy issues they have already ditched Facebook and are convinced that everyone should do the same thing. 

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

Some people on the thread admitted to even deleting their Facebook accounts as recently as two days ago over similar privacy concerns. Others, however, were way ahead of the curve with some users saying they deleted their accounts as far back as 2008. 

There are however a number of people holding off on deleting the platform, saying that they would miss out on important updates from family or friends, or that they would miss being apart of local community groups on the network. This may be true but advocates for deleting Facebook say it's simply not worth the risk. 

Via Reddit

Facebook has had a rough year as far as privacy goes. Of course, this latest news about private messages is concerning but it's not the only things. Early Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, had to face a congressional hearing in the US. after it was determined Cambridge Analytica had accessed the data of its users. 

Just yesterday it was also announced that Facebook is now being sued by the District of Columbia over that same scandal. Making Facebook's bad week even worse. Amid all their scandals, the company's stock had fallen 6.8% on the market last week. 

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