While the federal election is still so far away, the parties aren't wasting any time getting their attack ads out against each other, particularly in the case of Conservative ads against Justin Trudeau. 

But one specific ad has Canadians divided. While some believe it is racist and controversial, others are saying it just tells the truth and there is nothing wrong with it. 

The ad, which was originally posted on the Conservative Party's Twitter page, shows a black man crossing "illegally" into Canada over a bridge that is actually a tweet Justin Trudeau put out last year saying Canada welcomed refugees. 

The tweet has been blamed for the increase in refugees that Canada has seen, especially from the United States, but that's not what the debate is on here. 

The Conservatives actually took down the ad after they were criticized by many Canadians for being racist towards black people. In taking it down a spokesperson for the party said it misrepresented the migrant issue and that the situation isn't just about one group of people. 

However, other Canadians are responding on Twitter saying the ad shouldn't have been taken down since it doesn't say anything that is wrong and the image of the man was taken from an actual photo of refugees coming across the border. 

While Canadians can't agree on whether or not this specific ad is problematic, they do agree that the migrant crisis needs to be addressed, especially after Ontario Premier Doug Ford and various mayors like Toronto's John Tory have expressed concerns about the situation. 

Source: National Post


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