Now that weed has been legalized across the country, many people who have never smoked pot before may be looking to try it for the first time ever. Canadians can now order weed online and have it delivered to their home. You can also go into government approved "Cannabis Stores" across the country if you want to grab a gram. 

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The online legal cannabis stores have officially opened for business and many products are already sold out less than a day after weed has been legalized. The hype has been real for October 17th and it is now upon us. 

According to this Reddit Canada thread, many people have said that they are planning to smoke weed for the first time after it is legalized. This has prompted tons of people to share their advice and stories online. 

It all started when Reddit user Analyzethegacts asked other Redditors, "How many people who, like me, don't smoke pot will try it or start smoking it now that it will be legal". 

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In response, one Reddit user, BillyBBilliam, made a joke and said, "Nice try, USA border official...". The comment got 75 points. The original Reddit user who started the thread clapped back and said, "God damn, I spent weeks commenting on r/Canada to establish a persona, and you found me out on the first try /s". 

Some Redditors commented about wanting to try edibles instead of smoking joints when trying pot for their first time ever. However, many quickly jumped to point out the dangers of edibles by sharing cautionary tales.

Reddit user RunsInJeans commented, "I made cookies with oil a while ago. I was expecting to have to eat about 1 cookie to reach desired effect. Anyways, when I was done mixing I licked the spoon. An hour and a half later I couldn't feel my hands or feet. lol Be careful, start VERY low".

Another person, Reddit user Ragnar_Dragonfyre, agreed with this warning and commented, "All you newbies looking to start consuming better go slow. Consuming is far, far more intoxicating than smoking. I've seen veteran smokers literally start drooling after eating one edible". 

The user also shared some advice for if you are getting super paranoid when smoking or consuming weed. "To alleviate this, you need to either leave the room, lie down, or change the atmosphere around you (different music, quieter atmosphere, etc)", commented Northumberlo. 

One user took the opportunity to generally calm down all the first time smokers. Redditor Northumberlo commented, "Just remember that if you do take to much, you’re not dying, you’re not having a heart attack, you’re just experiencing anxiety and paranoia which are side effects of over consumption and you're going to be okay".

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