One 17-year-old Australian boy is becoming an internet sensation after smashing an egg on the head of a senator who blamed the New Zealand shooting on immigration. The video of the egg smashing has gone viral and now Canadians are obsessed with #Eggboy. They even want him to come to Canada and smash eggs on some of our politicians. 

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The real #eggboy has not been named by police, but he gained international fame after smacking an egg on the head of Senator Fraser Anning. Anning is a far-right senator who publicly claimed that immigration was to blame for Friday's shooting. These comments have since been denounced by the Prime Minister, but egg boy decided to take matters into his own hands. 

After getting smashed by the egg, Anning actually turned around and began to hit the 17-year-old egg boy who was then tackled down by Anning's supporters until police arrived. Egg boy was arrested and later released by police. His whole ordeal has earned him big attention around the world though. 

The hashtag #eggboy is now trending on Twitter in multiple countries, where the 17-year-old is being praised as a hero. This is also the case in Canada, where people can't seem to get enough of egg boy. 

On Twitter, Canadians are expressing their love for #eggboy. 

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Some are even asking for him to come to Canada and smash eggs on Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, who they call racist. 

While police have not named egg boy, a twitter account belonging to @Will_Connolly_ has identified themselves as egg boy. On this account, they reveal that they are returning to the police station tomorrow to face "further legalities" and continues to support and stand with Muslim people. 

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