Big news out of Washington today. Canada and the United States are sitting down to hammer out a deal on NAFTA before Donald Trump’s self-imposed end of day deadline.

Negotiations seem to have hit a major snag after the Toronto Star obtained what is says are off the record remarks the President made to Bloomberg. Among them is Trump reportedly saying, “it’s going to be so insulting they’re (Canada) not going to be able to make a deal.”

Canadians are mad as hell about it and are expressing their frustrations on Reddit.

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One person put it pretty bluntly, simply stating, “F*** Trump.”

Lots of people are now telling the Trudeau government to walk out of negotiations without getting a deal. “This gives us a legitimate excuse to back out,” one person writes.

“Walk the f*** away Trudeau. Walk away,” says another. 

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“Canada needs to walk from the table for this. It is now a question of national pride,” agreed a third.

Some people seem to have figured out why the President would take such a hard line against his country’s closest ally.

“Trump wants to win, and he wants everyone to know that he won. If both sides win, that takes away from his winning. Only if Canada signs a bad deal or if we walk away can he say ‘look, I am the winner'," one wrote. 

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Nearly everyone seems to agree that this should be the final straw for Canadian negotiators.

“Time to walk away. It’s obvious the US doesn't want a deal. Fuck Donald Trump, his administration and his supporters. Sometimes you have to walk away with your dignity, something the US obviously lacks.”

Trump has previously talked about how Canada is in someway to blame for wildfires in California and put tariffs on Canadian goods.  

Source: Toronto Star

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