Twitter is a wild place, to say the least, and as a result, some odd topics can often find themselves on the trending list. Usually, they're the result of something big happening in politics, popular culture or the media in general. Though it seems Canadians decided to start 2019 off with the weirdest and most random trending topic of the year. Somehow though, the tweets manage to be even weirder than the trending topic itself.  

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The hashtag trending Canada-wide right now is #OtherUsesForTimbits and it's probably the first time in a while that something Tim Hortons-related has trended and hasn't been negative about the brand. While that may seem like a good thing at first glance for Timmies, the tweets under the hashtag may not be the exact kind of press the company is looking for. 

As per the hashtag, the tweets are pretty straightforward, with people offering their other uses for Timbits, the bite size donut holes that are an iconic Canadian staple. While there are numerous people in the hashtag not from Canada asking what the hell a Timbit is, there are some gems from Canadians sharing what they do with their Timbits when they don't want to eat them: 

Though considering we are talking about Twitter here, things got weird pretty quickly but we can't deny these have to be the funniest responses: 

This kind of light-hearted fun may have gotten a little NSFW for Tim Hortons to use as a marketing scheme but it's definitely the kind of press based on positivity the brand needs right now.

In 2018, Tim Hortons struggled significantly with their public image, so a day of Canadians rejoicing over their love for Timbits is definitely the kind of fresh start the brand was hoping they could get in the new year. 

The trend only started late this morning meaning tons of Canadians will probably be offering their own input throughout the day and getting more creative with their responses.

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It's safe to say these tweets are definitely a joke so you don't have to worry if you are scared by the idea of someone using a Timbit as a buttplug. The only thing better than these tweets would be the company reacting to them themselves, but that's definitely a far fetched dream so we'll just have to enjoy them on the company's behalf! 

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