Roots Canada is (or at least was) a beloved and iconic Canadian brand. Surprisingly, the Canadian brand has made its way to other places, such as the U.S. and countries in Asia. In addition, it seems that along the way, they've lost some of their Canadian roots.

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A Roots t-shirt that is being sold in the States made its way onto the Internet, and Canadians were not happy about it. The Reddit thread quickly went viral and dozens of Canadians are not here for this U.S. twist on the Canadian brand. The t-shirt has the classic Roots Canada logo, but underneath it says "Boston". 

Via Screenshot | Reddit User neuron_fc

Reddit user neuron_fc posted a picture of the shirt onto Reddit with the caption, "I'm ok with having Roots in the US, but this t-shirt just seems so wrong". Since being uploaded less than a day ago, the post has gotten almost a 1000 upvotes and sparked an outcry among Canadian Redditors. 

One of the top Reddit comments with over 200 points was from user  ParrotFightClub, who said, "What on Earth is this monstrosity?". Reddit user Morgc posted another top comment, which said, "It's like one of those shirts with nonsense English that you can find in Korea or China". The comment got over 100 points. 

Many, many others ripped this shirt apart and were not happy with the situation. Redditor KevZero commented, "Seems wrong. And that's more than a feeling". Their comment got over a 100 points. 

Despite calling itself "Roots Canada" and being known as a Canadian brand, the clothing company wasn't actually founded by Canadians, but it was inspired by Canada.

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