It shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone when Justin Trudeau announced that he would be running again in the upcoming federal election. 

Even though people aren't surprised by the news, they aren't excited about it either. While the Prime Minister does have a pretty big support base across the country, there are also a ton of Canadians who aren't happy with him running again. 

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In response to the news of Justin's Trudeau's Twitter announcement, people are being quite salty towards the PM, and have taken to social media to express their dislike towards him. 

While some of the comments attempt to be funny, some Canadians are downright hateful of the current PM and aren't shying away from telling the world how they feel. 

Some of the big issues that Canadians are bringing up in their dislike of the PM are the refugee crisis as it has been deemed by many people, as well as the issue of the trans-mountain pipeline.

Beyond that, people are quite confident that Justin Trudeau doesn't even have a chance at winning the election. Some seem to feel sorry for him for thinking he has a chance. 

However, despite Twitter's reaction to Justin's re-election campaign, recent polls show that over a year away from election day, the Liberal Party is winning with 38% of the vote. 

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