By now, you’ve likely heard of the scammers calling ordinary Canadians claiming to be from the CRA and telling them they owe thousands in taxes.

It seems that many Canadians are actually enjoying their interactions with the scammers on the phone, though.

A post on Reddit inspired a ton of Canadians to share their best stories about dealing with the scammers. 

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The original post on Reddit is titled, “I just got the 'CRA will arrest you' scam and the guy called me a cu**,” so you can expect some pretty good interaction stories ahead.

The original poster says that he refused to give any information out but stayed on the line just to piss the scammer off to the point where the scammer threatened to come to his house and arrest him and ask, “what’s your f–ing address?”

Other people have chimed in with their best interaction stories. 

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Someone else says they told a CRA scammer that they were unable to pay any of the taxes because they’d already spent their tax return money. The scammer then yelled at them and called them an “f–ing a**hole.” 

Perhaps the best one is from someone who says that their grandmother used to keep a whistle by the phone and just blow it into the phone whenever some kind of scammer called. 

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Other Canadians have taken inspiration from the chat, with one person saying they want to, “blow a fog horn” in the ear of a scammer if they’re ever called.

The CRA has released a list of scam warning signs, including the fact the CRA would never threaten anyone with arrest.

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