Tim Hortons isn't just a coffee shop in Canada, it's an iconic and symbolic brand that sums up what we're all about. It's like an unofficial member of each Canadians' family - or at least it WAS. Lately, Tim's has had its shine tarnished with the recent and upsetting changes it's implement in some of its local stores (and we aren't talking about the change in their coffee beans). 

After the increase in the local minimum wage in parts of the country, some Tim Hortons franchisees reponsponded by cutting employees benefits. A move that pissed off countless Canadians and even had the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne calling out the local cooperation for bullying their employees

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Now it looks like those boycotts might come back to hit the coffee chain's bottom line in a big way. The Financial Post just reported that this "fourth quarter marked the fifth straight quarter of flat or falling same-store sales at Tim Hortons."

The reason why is being linked somewhat to a fight going on between head office and some Tim Hortons franchisees, who say the company has been treating them unfairly (ironic!). And partly due to the fast expansion Tim Hortons has had globally. 

While the sales for Tim's only slid by 0.1%, for a million dollar company that can mean a huge loss. These number also do not reflect the sales from January when the company's benefit cutting backlash began - we'll have to wait a few more months for that info. However based on the trend that we're already seeing, we can expect some not so promising numbers.  

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And while Tim Horton's isn't Canada's favourite coffee chain anymore anyways, it's sad to see what a turn it's taken in the recent months. 

SourceFinancial Post, Huffingtonpost

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