When you hear the words ‘illegal immigration’ in America you usually think of people trying to cross the Mexican border.

Well, people from the great white north are guilty of doing it too it seems.

Canadian’s are actually breaking one specific American immigration law more than any other country on Earth. 

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According to a report by the United States’ Department of Homeland Security Canadian’s are notorious rule breakers when it comes to leaving when their visas expire.

The report found that between October 2016 to September 2017 a total of 93,000 Canadians legally crossed the border with some kind of temporary visa and stayed in the country longer than they were allowed.

93,000 is actually smaller than the last time the agency did a report on this, then it found that nearly 120,000 Canadians had overstayed their visas. 

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The Canadian government is committed to helping our friends to the south deal with the issue.

Right now there is a bill being put forward by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale that would allow Canadian border agents to collect data on people entering and exiting Canada and then share it with their American counterparts. 

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This would give the American’s a better idea of who is staying longer on the visas they’re given than they should be.

The report also found that this is a common way for people to illegally enter the United States then disappear into society, which seems to contradict the idea American President Donald Trump has when he says a wall will stop illegal immigration. 

Source: CTV

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