If it's one thing Canada is known for, it's their blistery cold winter months. We're no stranger to cold fronts, snowsqualls, ice storms, and blizzards; but that all could all be changing very soon. According to climate change experts, the true North could be reaping a future of warmer weather.

Based on a series of new maps created by climatologists at the Prairie Climate Centre, Canadians are being told that they might be in for some serious changes when it comes to their seasonal weather patterns.

The map below shows where Canada will be climate wise, if we take steps right now to tackle climate change and drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The map indicates that even if we stop everything we're doing to contribute to climate change and actively worked toward not making the situation worse, Canada is still predicted to get anywhere from 2.1°C - 9°C  warmer in the future.

The Prairie Climate Centre says that December and January will likely warm up faster than other months out of the year. Meaning our classic white winters might be a thing of the past as soon as 2051. And while warmer winters may sound like good news, it's actually something to be concerned about. The article states that, "Cold temperatures help keep agricultural and forest pests and invasive species at bay. Cold winters are needed."

According to the maps, the seasonal changes we can expect to see are wetter weather during our Spring, Fall, and Winter months - which can lead to an increase in flooding. And for June, July, and August, they say that we can anticipate MUCH drier summers, which could lead to severe droughts and wildfires.

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SourcePrairie Climate Centre

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