If you're cool with being watched all the time, you can actually score a pretty big discount on your car insurance in some provinces. All you have to do is download an app on your cellphone which monitors you while you drive, then gives you a test score out of 100. 

There are a few apps like this in Canada, including Myadvantage by TD Insurance and CAA Connect. The app is motion activated and uses a GPS and sensors to collect information. Then, it sits there silently judging your every move.

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The app evaluates everything you do from the moment you start your car - from your speed, how you make turns, how hard you brake, even what time of day you choose to get behind the wheel. It sends all of your scores to the insurer's website. 

But, if you fail miserably, don't sweat it. There's no downside to scoring badly. The worst possible outcome is your insurance rate doesn't change at all. But, if you do well, the cost of your insurance goes down by quite a lot.

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One driver in Toronto used the TD Insurance app for about a year, and scored an average of 85 out of 100. He says that his score brought his annual insurance down by $300, from $1800 to $1500 for the year.

TD Myadvantage allows you to go online to check your results, and see how your score stacks up against other drivers. You can even delete trips if you were a passenger. 

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According to a CAA spokesperson in Ontario, “If you’re a driver who drives low kilometres, doesn’t speed, and doesn’t have jerky driving, that kind of thing, then you have a lower likelihood of making a claim so you get a discount based on that driving behaviour.” 

So far, auto insurance discount apps are only available in Ontario and Quebec, but are hoping to expand across the country. In our opinion, anything you can do to save on car insurance is totally worth it. 

Source: NEWS1130

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