The federal government is currently consulting on a new statutory holiday to honour Indigenous people in Canada, specifically the residential school survivors. 

The government is floating two dates for the statutory holiday- June 21st, which is National Indigenous Peoples Day, or September 30th which is Orange Shirt Day in honour of residential school survivors.

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The new holiday hasn't even been officially announced yet, but that's not stopping people from sharing their opinions about the proposed new day. Overall, Canadians are completely divided on the subject.

While some people are against it, one Indigenous artist and activist Wab Kinew believes Canada is long overdue for a specific day to honour the Indigenous community.

Canadians who are opposed to the idea have been sharing their distaste on Twitter. They give a few different reasons, but the biggest seems to be the subject of Remembrance Day. 

In Canada, Remembrance Day celebrated on November 11. It isn't an official statutory holiday, meaning students still have to go to school, and businesses and workplaces are up and running as usual. 

Most people opposed to the possible new day for Indigenous Peoples believe that, if Canada is going to have any new stat holidays, it should be Remembrance Day. On the same side of the argument though, others simply think a new holiday is a waste of money. 

Both the proposed dates for the statutory holiday are already days celebrating Indigenous Peoples, and are even recognized as provincial statutory holidays in provinces like Manitoba. 

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