The Nature Conservancy of Canada is warning Canadians of a very dangerous and invasive plant found in Canada. This plant is so dangerous that it can cause blisters, burns and even blindness.

The "giant hogweed" is one of Canada's most dangerous plants. Canadians are being warned to look out for the plant as it can cause third-degree burns!

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The plant grows up to 18 feet tall in height and is known for its umbrella-shaped clusters of small white flowers at the top of the plant. The stems of the plant are covered with reddish-purple flecks and stiff hairs filled with sap.

The most dangerous part of the plant is its sap. The clear sap can cause rashes, weeping blisters, third-degree burns and even blindness. The sap is most dangerous if it touches your body and then is exposed to the sun.

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The Nature Conservancy of Canada is asking Canadians to report any sightings of the plant as they are currently in blooming season. The plant is known to be found in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

This plant is commonly mistaken for "cow parsnip", which is also dangerous. The plant can be found in gardens, along roadsides, in ditches and near rivers and streams.

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If you come across giant hogweed, remember not to touch it! The blisters you can get from touching the plant are super painful and can actually leave scars!

The giant hogweed has the potential to spread rapidly so if you see it, make sure to report it to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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