Lately, in the eyes of some Canadians, it seems like Justin Trudeau can't do anything right. Even today, when people everywhere are drinking green beer and celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Canadians are ripping Justin Trudeau apart over his St. Patrick's Day tweet. Some people are even calling it cultural appropriation. 

As with any Prime Minister, there are people in Canada who don't like Justin Trudeau, but this has gotten even worse for him since the SNC-Lavalin affair. With allegations that the Prime Minister's office pressured the former attorney general to make a deal with SNC-Lavalin, people across the country have been calling for Trudeau to resign, no matter what he does. 

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That's why when the Prime Minister took to Twitter to wish Canadians a happy St. Patrick's Day, the calls for him to resign were seen throughout the responses. While some people joined the PM in celebrating, others took the opportunity to express their hate towards him. On top of that, though, some people are even deeming the tweet cultural appropriation. 

Those comments come because, in his tweet, Justin Trudeau wished a happy St. Patrick's Day "to all Canadians of Irish descent – and those who are Irish for the day." It's that last bit that people have a problem with. 

Some people believe that those who pretend to be Irish or don green clothing and dress like leprechauns today are appropriating Irish culture, and they say Justin Trudeau is encouraging this with his "Irish for a day" comment. 

Others are also taking advantage of the tweet to demand that Justin Trudeau apologizes to Irish people for how they were treated when they first came to Canada. 

Of course, others are simply expressing their general hatred towards Trudeau. 

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None the less, Trudeau and his Liberal Party both wished Canadians a Happy St. Patrick's Day on Twitter this morning. 

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