Brace yourselves, Canadians. Because Winter 2018 could be the stormiest and snowiest winter on record.

Chris Scott, one of Canada's top weather forecasters, is predicting that Canada will be getting a whole lot of snow this winter, with plenty of storms coming our way.

Chief meteorologist for The Weather Network, Scott says the motto for this season is "'buckle up' because it looks like a stormy winter."

And because this year's La Nina weather system looks a lot like that of 2007-2008, which was the snowiest Canadian winter in recorded history, this winter is pacing to be one of the snowiest winters ever.

If you haven't heard of it, La Nina weather systems include cooler waters off the coast of South America, which, traditionally mean that Canada will get a  "classic Canadian winter."

This year's forecast according to the Weather Network's predictions will mean British Columbia, the Prairies, Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes are all in store for above normal levels of precipitation.

The Maritimes, however, will have slightly higher temperatures, but the slushier precipitation could make for a messy winter.

As for when winter will get started in Canada, Scott predicts December for the eastern half of Canada and January for the western regions.

But since La Nina winters are known for being highly unpredictable, he also predicts the countless snowstorms Canada will see this year will be contrasted by periods of milder weather all season long.

Source: CTV

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