If you've ever wished that you could cancel Manitoba's daylight savings time after waking up, bleary-eyed, at the wrong hour, then you'll be glad to hear this. The NDP in Manitoba, led by Wab Kinew, is launching a new website and initiative to hear from Manitobans. Their daylight savings consultation is your chance to weigh in.

The official provincial opposition party wants to know "whether Manitobans want to move to a different system of time observance," according to their website.

Mantiboa is actually following a trend across Canada. There are a ton of provinces that have very recently asked the public for their feedback on daylight savings. Some places, like B.C., have even passed legislation already.

When the clock "springs forward" and "falls back" twice a year, we either gain or lose an hour of sleep it seems.

That change can have effects on different areas of our life, affecting how we feel, sleep, drive and work.

According to Manitoba Public Insurance, there's an increase in the number of traffic accidents after a time change. In some years, accidents are up 20%.

Plus, they say that health and safety organizations see a jump "in the number of workplace injuries in the weeks following time-change," according to the NDP's website.

The consultation is actually a super simple question you answer followed by your name and address.

The question is, "Do you want to change how time is observed in Manitoba?" Respondents can answer either "yes" or "no."

It'll be interesting to hear the results from the public consultation.

In B.C., when they asked residents their thoughts and overwhelming 93% of residents wanted to stop changing their clocks.

Both B.C. and Alberta have either made the change or seriously considered it in 2019.

In B.C., this coming spring 2020 will be the last time British Columbians change their clocks.

In Alberta, the province just gathered feedback from the public.

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