It's a sad day when the most Christmassy place in the world has to cancel Christmas. Honestly, did The Grinch come to town recently? 

Regions across Canada, the so-called Christmas capital of the world, will be bidding farewell to regular seasonal programming.

Office holiday parties, large family gatherings, and "friendsmas" celebrations are now against health guidelines and come with hefty fines.

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Why is Christmas being cancelled?

Although Christmas can't actually be cancelled, it might as well be with the major restrictions being rolled out across the country.

With limits on how many people you're allowed to see this season, whether outdoors or indoors, the holidays are going to be different than what you're used to. 

Despite this, immediate family gatherings are still allowed so long as you live in the same house. 

This comes as Canada has seen nearly 430,000 active COVID-19 cases and more than 12,000 deaths, according to the latest figures.

Provinces like Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, and Manitoba have seen the worst of it.

Which provinces have strict gathering rules right now?

The first province to really target Christmas as a result of the spike in cases was Quebec. 

After doctors begged officials to cancel large festivities in December, they got their wish when Quebec Premier François Legault back-pedalled on allowing gatherings for red zone regions. 

Next up, we have the province of Alberta that just recently decided to enforce masks and crack down on gatherings. Now you can only gather with people of your household, with exceptions if you live alone.

Ontario is also a part of the equation since some parts of the province are currently under lockdown too. Large parties are a big no-no as indoor private gatherings are not allowed unless they are with those from your household.

Another honourable mention is Northwest Territories. Some may even say this territory cancelled Christmas as early as June as they have not allowed personal home get-togethers ti exceed 10 people since the summer. 

Don't even think of going up to spend the holidays at a lodge up north, since you can't unless you have a note from your doctor giving you the clear.

Will they all last until December 25th?

As far as some provinces are concerned the rules will stay in place well after Christmas.  

For example, in Quebec, the ban on large gatherings in red-zoned areas will last even after the day of Christmas.

"I am announcing today that the two days of gatherings projected for Christmas will be cancelled," the premier said, according to MTL blog.

Alberta will be the same since Premier Jason Kenney announced this week that new regulations will be in place for about four weeks. 

Ontario's lockdown — which began on November 23rd and lasts one month — could end a day before Christmas Eve, but it is too soon to say. 

And finally, N.W.T won't let up on its restrictions for gatherings so it could be ongoing during and even after the holidays. 

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