Canadians may be shocked to learn that every time they eat a Timbit or enjoy a bowl of cereal, they are also eating a little bit of weed-killer. 

A recent study by the Environmental Defence and Anresco Laboratories tested 18 random Canadian foods and found traces of the popular weed-killer, called Roundup, in 14 of them. 

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The name of the chemical in the weed killer is glyphosate, and it can be pretty dangerous. Just last year, a court in California ruled that a man's terminal cancer had been caused by his frequent exposure to the chemical. Now it's been found in some of the most popular Canadian foods. 

Among the foods confirmed to contain a small amount of glyphosate are Tim Horton's bagels, Timbits, Kraft Dinner, Sabra hummus, Cheerios and other cereals, Oreos and Arrowroot cookies, Quaker Oats, and Pogos. 

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The good news for Canadians is that the amount of chemical found in each of these foods was within the level that Health Canada considers safe. The bad news is that the government is okay with weed-killer being used in food, to begin with.

What is even more concerning is that Canadians have no way of knowing whether or not the chemical is in the food they are eating, since trace amounts so small are often not mentioned on any ingredient lists. 

However, the findings are controversial. Agriculture media outlets including AG Daily claim that traces of glyphosate in food is, in fact, a rumour, despite the findings of the study. The article goes into detail about the inaccurate testing methods that have led researchers to the false conclusion.

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The group that ordered the study, Environment Defense, says that they are just trying to let Canadians know the facts that these chemicals are in our food and they are potentially dangerous. 

Source: CTV

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