It’s no secret that Canadians celebrated the legalization of recreational cannabis in April, but many still have questions about what's missing from the shelves of our legal pot shops. Why aren’t cannabis edibles legal in Canada yet? How much longer do we have to wait to find cannabis-infused treats and beverages at our retail pot shops?

According to CBC, edibles will be legal come Oct. 17, 2019. However, they will likely take months to reach stores and only a small supply of cannabis edibles will be available at select shops by mid-December. The limited range of products won’t include anything that might appeal to kids, like pot gummies and cannabis-infused treats resembling candy.

The slow process to legalizing edibles in Canada has inspired one Canadian company to find a legal loophole. A clever workaround that allows them to legally sell edibles, without actually selling edibles.

According to Bloomberg, a British Columbia-based company named Paracanna has engineered a do-it-yourself kit. The kit allows pot-smokers to add drops of legal oil to create gummies in a variety of flavours.

The kits, called Zen Zingers, enable consumers to choose their dosage and make their own gummies at home for cheap. The whole process reportedly takes about 10 minutes and one kit costs $19.99.

Paracanna’s product doesn’t contain any cannabis, so it’s not beheld to Health Canada’s restrictive regulations on cannabis edibles. However, Paracanna has still avoided giving their product the "kid-friendly" appearance of candy.

"No animals, no characters, no creating juicy explosions and things that are typically seen in kids' candy. We really tried to stay away from that," she said Paracanna chief executive Andrea Butterworth.

Anyone interested in buying one these magical kits should head over to 

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