Canadian cities will have less choice when it comes to car-sharing in 2020 thanks to one company putting the brakes on its time here. Car2Go Canada operations will be shutting down and the company will be driving out of the country for good. If you used the car-sharing service you only have a few months left to get one last ride in.

The car-share service announced on December 18 that it will be ending service in North America in early 2020, and that includes their last two locations in Canada: Vancouver and Montreal.

The company, which recently merged with the car-share service DriveNow under the name Share Now, says the last day of its service in Canada will be February 29, 2020.

"The decision to close North America was made based on two extremely complicated realities. The first being the volatile state of the global mobility landscape, and the second being the rising infrastructure complexities facing North American transportation today," the company said in a statement.

Car2Go initially launched in North America back in 2009 and had a long 10-year run, but it only has a few months left now.

"We deeply regret the inconvenience this decision causes," the company stated.

With the car-sharing service, you didn't have to pay for parking or gas. You only spent money on the rate you chose before you started driving and you only paid for what you used.

Cars were available 24/7 and anywhere within a city, so no pre-planning was necessary. 

In May 2018, Car2Go officially left Toronto and blamed the city council for the "forced" shutdown, because new parking regulations would make it impossible for operations to continue.

The car-share service drove out of Calgary in October 2019 because of "complex transportation markets" in a quickly-changing landscape.

Operations are still going in Vancouver and Montreal for now, but they will soon join other Canadian cities that had to watch Car2Go drive off into the sunset.

Even though Car2Go is leaving Canada and the U.S., the Germany-based service will still operate in 18 cities across Europe.

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