A lot of drug dealers (or one very prolific drug dealer) in Alberta are going to be pretty angry. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) at the Coutts border crossing on the Alberta-Montana border seized $3 million worth of drugs, and it was a giant mountain of meth.

The discovery was made on July 28 when the driver of a truck was pulled over for further inspection at the border. The trailer was empty, but inside the cab of the truck was a duffel bag containing the ridiculous amount of meth.

The shipment was just over 100 pounds of meth, or enough for 500,000 individual doses. According to Canada Border Services, it was the largest seizure of methamphetamine in southern Alberta.



The driver of the truck, 40-year-old Asif Mir from Calgary, was promptly arrested and charged with both Importation of a Controlled Substance and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking. 

The RCMP has not revealed whether Mir had any ties to organized crime. They have also not said if he was previously known to authorities.

Speaking at a press conference, Guy Rook, Director for southern Alberta, CBSA, said, "This enforcement highlights the important role and good work of frontline officers at border crossings, who are part of a larger team working closely with the RCMP to reduce the amount of dangerous drugs on Canadian streets and impact international drug smuggling."

Methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous illicit drugs out there. According to Health Canada, it can cause all sorts of adverse health issues such as heart attack, stroke, and skin damage.

It's a relief to know that this mountain of meth won't be hitting the streets. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, please contact any of these services.

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