In lieu of the Harvey Weinstein claims, new reports have surfaced that CondĂ© Nast - media company to the stars - just leaked an email discussing the banning of celebrity photographer, Terry Richardson. 

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For years, Richardson shot for some of the industry's biggest magazines - from Vogue to Vanity Fair and GQ. He was an editorial go-to for portraits, more often provocative than not when shooting women. He famously shot Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' video - one that she since regrets - that consisted of her gyrating against a metal chain and licking hammers in a tiny white two piece. 

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He has photographed countless celebrities from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, to Barack Obama and Martha Stewart. Amidst industry praise, much like Harvey Weinstein, there were always complaints rising and falling from models over the years. 

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Complaints against Richardson have been steady for years with models. Metro recently recounted a list of sexual assault allegations from models 

"In 2001, model Liksula Cohen left a Vogue shoot after Richardson allegedly asked her to strip naked and perform a sex act on a man, while he was naked too. In 2007, Coco Rocha said she wouldn’t work with Richardson again after he photographed her spitting mouthfuls of milk for French Vogue, with the model saying she ‘didn’t feel comfortable’." The following year, a model reached out to Jezebel claiming that Richardson forced his penis into her face on a shoot. 

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In 2011, a model posted screenshots of a conversation with Richardson (that have since been stripped from the internet) that quoted him in saying, "Daily 20 models do offer me to fuck them for fame and all others i know in fashion also fuck around." This model even screenshotted a Facebook message from Richardson of him offering her a Vogue spread for sex. 

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Some of Richardson's former employers took notice. US Vogue, Aldo, Target, and H&M all refused to work with Richardson from 2014 onwards. And now that sexual assault is a 'hot topic' in media right now, it seems CondĂ© Nast wants to get ahead of Richardson sexual assault stories before they leak. Telegraph reported this morning that the CEO of CondĂ© Nast - one of the most powerful publishers in media today - released this e-mail to senior staff: 

"I am writing to you on an important matter. CondĂ© Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson. Any shoots that have been commission[ed] or any shoots that have been completed but not yet published, should be killed and substituted with other material. Please could you confirm that this policy will be actioned in your market effective immediately. Thank you for your support in this matter.”

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Richardson has also been a go to for luxury fashion houses like Marc Jacobs, Supreme, Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent amongst others for shooting eye-catching and provocative campaigns. It's unclear as to whether he'll continue to be employed or commissioned for work by these brands the future. 

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