Canadians are still getting help from the government during the pandemic. However, some people have noticed their CERB payments were a little less than they expected this month. While this may be a surprise, it isn't actually a mistake.

CBC News reports that some people who received larger upfront payments are no longer eligible for the entire $2,000 per month benefit in June.

Those who initially received two payments upfront because they applied twice through EI and the CERB portal, could receive less cash this month and here's why.

If your benefit is cut in June or is less than normal, it could be because you already reached your maximum benefit of $8,000 during the CERB's initial four-month period.

Canadians realized that the CERB was correcting maxed out payments after a Reddit user posted in an EI/CERB subreddit asking if anyone else had received $500 instead of $1,000.

Another user replied, sharing an excerpt from an email they received regarding the lower payment. It stated that as an adjustment, there would be no money sent out for the period from June 8 to June 21, 2020.

"This is to cover the equivalent of the first two weeks of this advance. We will communicate any further changes to your future CERB payments in the coming weeks," the document explained.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed last week that the CERB would be extended by an additional eight weeks to help those struggling to return to work.

Prior to this announcement, some people's benefits were set to end on July 4. However, the extension offers an additional $4,000 to those who need it, bringing the total claimable amount to $12,000.

However, a spokesperson for Carla Qualtrough confirmed to CBC News that Canadians would not be able to claim anything beyond that amount.

The government had also announced in May that any CERB payments that were received in error would need to be paid back in 2021, whether they were claimed accidentally or not.

While NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been calling for an extension of the program for several weeks, other politicians are more concerned about extending the monthly payment.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has been trying to find a way to get people off of the benefit and back to work, suggesting that reducing the payments would encourage people to return to their jobs.

The Manitoba Provincial Government has just launched their own version of a $2,000 cash benefit, specifically designed for people who are going back to work and getting off of the CERB.

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