Anyone who thinks that there won't be consequences for not following the rules during the pandemic should be aware that failing to quarantine in Canada has now landed a man in prison.

According to a report from The Guardian, 22-year-old Prince Edward Island resident Javan Mizero Nsangira has been in jail since Friday after he allegedly broke his self-isolation following a positive COVID-19 test.

Javan Mizero Nsangira is facing multiple charges, including two counts of committing a nuisance by not self-isolating, thereby endangering the public.

Ryan Ross, The Guardian

Crown attorney John Diamond argues that Nsangira should be kept in jail in order to ensure that he actually self-isolates, as he could otherwise become a danger to other people, especially considering that he was already willing to break quarantine.

An RCMP officer who was involved with Nsangira's arrest has also been put into self-isolation due to contact with the suspect.

Nsangira has not entered any pleas for his crimes, and he is set to appear in court on July 30 for charges related to his arrest on July 17. He will also appear in court on August 20 for charges related to a previous arrest on July 15. 

Via The Guardian
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