One of Canada's national symbols and a beloved animal is the beaver. These majestic aquatic creatures thrive in Canada where our forests and rivers provide them ample resources to build their dams with. 

But in some other countries, our Canadian beavers have become a major issue and now they want them gone. 

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In the 1940s for some bizarre reason, Canada decided to introduce 40 beavers to Chile and Argentina to see what would happen and in hopes of creating more fur trades. Surprisingly, the animals thrived and since then they have reproduced to a population of over 200,000. 

In those years this massive beaver population has devasted the natural habitats and trees, clear-cutting anything that could be cut in the two South American countries and now they want to have the Canadian creatures killed. 

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This isn't their first attempt to control the invasion. Previously the countries have offered incentives to trappers to hunt the beavers by offering bounties for them. But recently they have amped up the efforts and announced they want to get rid of 100,000 beavers. 

The effort to get rid of half the countries beavers is one of the world's largest invasive species eradication attempts ever.  

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Fortunately for they fury little creatures, experts aren't confident they will ever be removed from South America because as history shows, it only takes 40 of them to create an epidemic. 

Source: National Post

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