Not long after Canadian officials arrested Huawei's CFO in Vancouver, China threatened Canada that there would be "grave consequences". It seems now those consequences have come to light. 

A former Canadian diplomat, Michael Kovrig, who works in China was just detained there in what people are saying is a revenge move. 

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Kovrig has a long professional history in China. He currently works with the International Crisis Group as the Senior Advisor for North East Asia. He has previously worked as a Canadian diplomat in Hong Kong, Beijing, and at the United Nations. 

His arrest comes just over a week after the chief financial officer of Huawei, a Chinese technology company, was arrested in Vancouver at the request of US officials. Sabrina Meng Wanzhou was wanted on fraud charges by the US, who also believe she violated international sanctions in the Middle East. Her bail hearing is ongoing in Vancouver. 

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As for Kovrig, little is known about his arrest at the moment. The exact reason for why he has been detained is not yet clear and it hasn't been confirmed if this is actually related to the Huawei case. Canadians, however, are making the link. 

Only two days ago, China threatened Canada that there would be consequences if Meng Wanzhou was not released. They also called the case "extremely nasty". Given the previous threats of retaliation, many Canadians on Reddit are quick to make the link between the cases. 

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The arrest comes also at a time of high trade tensions between China and the United States. Recently, Donald Trump met with China's leader Xi Jinping in Argentina to try to come to a deal and end their tariff heavy trade war. 

Sources: South China Morning Post, The Guardian

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