What do you get when you mix Halloween and burritos? Booritos! And to celebrate the holiday that lets us dress how questionably we want to, Chipotle is offering $3 Boortios on Halloween. 

And don't worry - they taste just as good as regular burritos. But yes, the guac is still extra. 

Like any good giveaway, there is a slight catch... you have to be in costume to get the discount. All you have to do is go to nearly any Chipotle in most of Canada (sorry Quebec, not you đŸ˜„) and show them your Halloween spirit by wearing a costume of your choice between the hours of 3pm and close. If they approve of your Halloween attire, you'll get that discounted deliciousness, which includes burrito, bowls, salads, or an order of tacos. 

Not sure what qualifies as a "costume"? Neither are we entirely, but according to Chipotle, the decision will be left up to the "sole discretion of Chipotle restaurant personnel." So in other words, you might want to be a little extra when dressing up to prove you're worthy. 

Side note: there is a limit of one Boorito per person, so don't get too greedy, ghouls. You can find out about all rules and restrictions here

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