There are tons of things that hackers can get a hold of in today’s world. The last thing you want them doing though is going after your bank account. 

But if you bank with CIBC’s Simplii Financial or BMO your account may have been hacked. 

Along with thousands of others.  

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The Bank of Montreal says that yesterday it was contacted by fraudsters who claimed claiming to be in possession of data from a"limited number of customers" and it believes the attack was originated outside of Canada.

Simplii, which is the direct online banking brand of CIBC, is warning that it’s possible that 40,000 of its customers were affected. 

Among the things that these hackers may have electronically accessed are certain personal and account information. 

Simplii says that it learned of the issue yesterday and is implementing new security measures as a result.  

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Simplii says that it will be reaching out to people it believes were affected and that if you notice any suspicious activity with your bank account you should get in touch with them. 

People who fall victim of any kind of fraud will be 100 per cent paid back.   

This morning Simplii sent out a Tweet to update its customers on what actions the brand is taking, and how people can protect themselves from fraud. 

As of right now there is no indication that people who bank with a CIBC account have been affected.  

But if you have a Simplii account you’ll need to keep a close eye on your bank account for any kind of strange transactions. 

Source: CP24

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