If you've been saving your SCENE points for a rainy day, I've got some bad news for you. Cineplex has implemented a new SCENE program and your banked points are worth a lot less because of it. Under the new system, it will take even more SCENE points to get a free movie. 

Previously it took 1000 points to see a regular movie for free. As of yesterday, April 17, you now need 1250 points in order to get a free movie. The same goes for IMAX movies, previously you only needed 1500 points for a free movie, but now you need 2000. For VIP Movies, while you previously needed 2000 points, you now need 2500 in order to get a movie for free. 

This means the points you've had saved up are going to be worth a lot less. For example, if you had 5000 points saved up, on April 16 you would have been able to get five free movies, but now you can only get four free movies. 

For example, one customer that reached out to Cineplex on Twitter had been saving his points for an IMAX movie and had 1800 banked. Under the old system, this would have been enough, but now he is short by 200 points. 

Initially, this system isn't great for point savers, but, fortunately, it's not all bad news. Not only have the redemption thresholds gone up, but so have the earning thresholds. So while it now costs 1250 to see a movie, you also earn 125 points for every regular ticket you buy. Previously it was only 100 points. 

It's the same for IMAX and VIP as well. Now for buying those types of tickets, you'll earn 200 and 250 points respectively. 

The change in the point system has now been implemented, as of April 17, 2019. It was first announced back in February of this year. 

Cineplex was unable to provide a comment before the time of publication.


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