If you've been saving your Scene points for a rainy day you may want to cash them in soon. That's because Cineplex's famous Scene points are about to be worth a lot less. This is all due to a major change to the point system that's coming to Canada on April 17. 

With the new system change, it is now going to take 1250 points to get a free movie. Fortunately, they are also changing the amount you earn each time to be 125 points. At face value, this doesn't seem like a big difference, after all, it will still take 10 movies before you are able to get a free one. There is a bigger issue with the new system though. 

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While earning brand new points is pretty much the same, if you have been stockpiling your Scene points, the value of them is about to drop drastically. For example, under the current system, if you have 5000 points, that is good for five free movies. Once the new system comes into effect in April, those 5000 points will only get you into four free movies, which means you will essentially be losing an entire movie's worth of points with the new system. 

The earning and redemption thresholds will also be going up for other Cineplex purchases. For example, when you VIP tickets you will now earn 250 points instead of 200 points. However, it will also take 2500 points instead of 2000 to see a VIP movie for free. 

Another change is that 3D movies will now be on the same earning threshold as regular Cineplex movies, so you will now only earn 125 points for each 3D movie instead of 150, but it will also only take 1250 point to see one for free. Previously it was 1500 points. 

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There are also going to be major changes coming at the concession stand. Previously each individual snack, popcorn, or drink purchase got you 10 scene points for every $1 spent but now that is dropping down to only five points. 

There is a positive here too though. Currently getting combos earns you 50 bonus scene points and with the new changes in April, that will be going up 100 bonus points. 

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All that said, there are definitely some positives with the new Scene points system. However, in order to get the best value for the points you have banked right now you're going to want to use them all up before the new system comes into play on April 17 because after that, your current points will be worth a lot less. 

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