Another day, another cancelled debate. The Conservatives were invited to debate about the climate but they just pulled out of the event only a week before it was set to happen. So now the climate change debate is cancelled because the Conservatives won't participate.

The debate on climate change was set to be held on October 16 in Ottawa but because the Conservatives aren't participating now it won't be happening. The University of Ottawa's Smart Prosperity Institute was going to host the debate with Climate Action Network Canada.

"Conservative candidates have been participating in plenty of debates across the country, including a number focused solely on environmental issues," Conservative spokesperson Simon Jefferies told the Canadian Press

Invitations to the debate were sent out at the beginning of September to the Conservatives, NDP, Greens and Liberals. 

The parties were all asked to send any of their nominated candidates from any riding to Ottawa to participate in the debate. So the leaders themselves didn't have to participate and the party could send literally anyone but the Conservatives claim they couldn't find anyone to attend. 

The NDP, Greens and Liberals responded immediately that they would be participating and while the Conservatives initially said they were intending to participate, the party pulled out of the debate on October 9. 

The Liberals were planning on sending Steven Guilbeault, candidate for Laurier-Sainte-Marie. He co-founded Équiterre, the largest environmental organization in Quebec, was the director at Greenpeace and is a self-proclaimed environmentalist

According to the Canadian Press, "a day after the Liberals confirmed Guilbeault's attendance, the Conservatives pulled out."

Guilbeault told the Canadian Press that the Conservatives don't have the will to defend their policies on climate to Canadians.

"In our nation's capital, that they can't find someone who is willing to show up to debate about the environment speaks volumes that they simply don't care about this issue. They could have found someone if they really wanted to," he said. 

However, this isn't the first time a debate has been cancelled. In response to this cancellation, the Conservatives brought up Justin Trudeau saying no to the Maclean's debate and the Munk debate. The first went on without Trudeau but the second debate was cancelled because he wouldn't come

There are no other debates scheduled before election day on October 21, 2019. 

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