Millions of people across the globe are currently ditching school and work to help protest against climate change this Friday. Among them, are hundreds of Canadian students, who are 'dying' across the country in attempts to participate in this climate strike. These 'die-ins' are taking place in a variety of areas, including Vancouver and Manitoba who are seeing hundreds of students participate. 

According to the Manitoba Youth for Climate Action, they've coordinated a time for students to 'die' together across the nation. Leader Lena Andres told 680 CJOB that, "All across Canada, we've coordinated across time zones for all youth to drop at the exact time to protest the unjust deaths that have come of the climate crisis already... and the deaths that will come if we don't take action."

The strike, which is taking place across Canada, and the globe, is said to be taking place in more than 100 different locations across Canada, according to Fridays For Future's website. 

As part of this strike, many schools and businesses have shut down to show their support for the strike, and hundreds gather to the streets to protest. 

Among these protests, both the Manitoba Youth for Climate Action and students in Vancouver both held die-ins to show their support for the climate change strike. 

Hundreds of students from the Manitoba Youth for Climate Action gathered to the steps of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Manitoba this Friday afternoon for their die-in. 

With hundreds gathering to the stairs of the museum, chanting about the effects climate change has on our population, they all dropped 'dead' at the same time to symbolize the deaths that will eventually occur if the globe does not work together to help take action against climate change. 

Vancouver students followed suit on Friday, hundreds of them gathering together at the Vancouver Art Gallery and Pacific Centre Food Court for their die-in. 

Allision Richardson, who organized the Surrey's demonstration told CBC that, "It is so important that people take a stand. Governments say they recognize this but they're not moving fast enough."

Along with the die-in events, multiple cities also held massive protests to help support the worldwide climate strike. In fact, hundreds attended the climate strike rally in Peterborough on Friday. 

Students were spotted carrying signs and chanting demands that the government takes action against climate change.

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