While Justin Trudeau is keeping quiet ahead of the U.S. election result, other Canadians seem happy to share their opinions via social media.

As our southern neighbours anxiously await a definitive result, "Come to Canada" has started trending on Twitter.

In this case, it doesn’t appear to be an invite!

Sharing memes, jokes and GIFS, hundreds of people used the phrase to urge Americans to stay firmly on their side of the border.

Sorry, America!

Despite being initially supportive ahead of the U.S. presidential result, it seems some Canadians have changed their mind as Americans tweet about a cross-country move.

Sharing memes and GIFS, some Twitter-users pleaded with our U.S. counterparts to stay where they are.

"We Canadians may be nice but we're not that nice," one person joked.

Another shared a similar message, adding, "Please don’t come to Canada y’all need to sort your shit out."

Another person joked about how, just hours earlier, locals were offering themselves up as "emotional support Canadians."

While Trudeau has kept his opinion quiet over the last 24 hours, the NDP leader hasn't been holding back.

Jagmeet Singh said it would be "better for the world" if Trump loses the election.

Can't always be polite though, eh?

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