With Canada’s federal election now just one short week away, the country’s politicians are doing whatever they can to stay out of trouble. However, a recent post from the official Conservative Party of Canada Twitter page has got the internet arguing once again today, as some people are accusing the party of sympathizing with Canada’s ‘yellow vesters.’

Tweeting on Monday afternoon, the Conservative Party account posted a picture of party leader, Andrew Scheer, shaking hands with a man wearing a yellow vest. The caption read, “This election isn’t about me, or even Justin Trudeau. It’s about helping you get ahead.”

While the tweet was likely not meant to be controversial, the post quickly caught the attention of Canadians online, with some suggesting the image showed Conservative support for Canada’s "yellow vesters," a controversial, anti-government group, known to have made death threats to Justin Trudeau.

The Conservative's post has sparked a pretty big debate on Twitter since Monday afternoon, with several big names in politics also getting involved in the drama.

Shortly after the image was posted by the Conservative Party, many people on Twitter responded to let them know they thought the image was inappropriate. 

One Twitter user wrote, "Pretty bad optics here, tbh. Looks like a clear endorsement of yellow-vesters by Andrew Scheer."

Another added, "The optics of this ad can only convey one message in the current election conversation. Its not a good one. If CPC HQ didn't intend to advertise to the world its full support for the yellow vest movement, the fact your team didn't make the connection says a lot."

Some Canadians argue that at best, the post was grossly ignorant to its own sensitivities, particularly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to wear a bullet-proof vest last weekend, following some serious threats to his safety.

Justin Trudeau's former Principal Secretary, Gerald Butts, also got involved in the drama, retweeting the photo to sarcastically add, “Well, this is subtle. Sometimes a yellow vest is just a yellow vest?”

However, in response to Butts’ tweet, Canadians also shared their support for the Conservatives, noting that people who wear a yellow vest for work are not necessarily "yellow vesters."

One Twitter user replied, "Sometimes people wear yellow vests for their job, Gerald.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney also got involved, responding to Butts to say, “Sad to see what’s happened to the once-great Liberal Party. Justin Trudeau’s top advisor thinks a working guy wearing a mandated safety vest is a Nazi dog whistle.”

When asked about the photo, a representative for the Conservative Party told Narcity, "Yes. He was a construction worker. In Toronto. A construction worker. People wear safety gear to do their actual job sometimes but it’s not something I’d expect Justin Trudeau or his Liberals to understand."

Canadians will head to the polls on Monday, October 21. 

*Disclaimer: This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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