News of the novel coronavirus is spreading like wildfire and along with the spread of information can sometimes come the spread of rumours. In fact, a popular Richmond restaurant is allegedly being accused of spreading the coronavirus in Metro Vancouver. This rumour was initiated after a video of a man collapsing outside of the restaurant was posted on several popular group chatting apps. The restaurant has now spoken out about the situation. 

With B.C. having one confirmed case of the new coronavirus, the concern is rising in the area. 

Richmond News reported that a popular Richmond restaurant has come under fire and is being accused of spreading the coronavirus.

This rumour was initially started after a video was shared on WeChat and Vanpeople of a local man collapsing outside of HK BBQ Master. 

The incident took place on Monday, February 3, 2020, at around noon according to Canadian News Media. Since then, the security camera footage has gone viral.

One unknown person saw the footage and suggested that the man in the video might have the coronavirus. 

While it was just a rumour, the suggestion got a lot of attention online. 

Since then, the restaurant has come forward to speak out about the incident online. 

According to a Facebook post by HK BBQ Master, the general public should be vigilant and aware when reading news on social media. 

The restaurant's post explained that the rumours of the coronavirus are not true by any means and it is a “far cry” from reality. 

“What really happened was a man had withdrawals from substance abuse. He came with a group of friends to enjoy lunch and patiently lined up outside the store. Within 3 minutes of appearing at our store, that was when the withdrawal happened and caused him to experience seizures,” says the post. 

It goes on to note that the man's friends were an excellent support group and were by his side instantly. 

One of his friends was even a nurse who was able to provide him care before an ambulance arrived on the scene. 

HK BBQ Master is now using this as an example of how dangerous it can be to unknowingly spread false reports and how it can cause harm to small businesses. 

Richmond News spoke with the victim's friend who confirmed that the incident was completely unrelated to the restaurant. 

The city of Richmond is known for having a diverse food culture and has even been named as one of the best places to eat in 2020. 

Concerns over the coronavirus have spread in B.C. and face masks are selling out in stores. 

Alberta is also using caution by telling local soccer teams to stop shaking hands after the games as a way to stop the spread of the illness. 

Air Canada has even cancelled direct flights from Canada to China. 

Other people are now using this virus as an opportunity to make racist remarks as one man was caught on camera telling an Asian woman that she “dropped her coronavirus.

Narcity has reached out to HK BBQ Master for comment and will update this story when we receive a response.

In response to the virus, the BC Centre for Disease Control has released extensive information on the coronavirus including symptoms and how to lower your risk. 

Their website also acknowledges that as of today, they don't believe B.C. is under serious risk for the virus. 

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