Another day, another coronavirus update. COVID-19 cases in Canada continue to rise as the country officially reached 19,774 total cases. The hardest-hit province of them all continues to be Quebec. 

Here's everything you need to know for April 9.

As of 11:02 a.m. ET on April 9, the Government of Canada has officially confirmed 19,774 of those cases. That includes 461 deaths across the country.

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit launched on April 6, and some applicants are reporting that they already received their first payment. They can receive up to $2,000 a month to ensure that they're financially stable until they can return to work.

According to an updated policy from the Canadian Transportation Agency, airlines aren't required to offer passengers a monetary refund for flights cancelled due to the pandemic. Instead, the government body says that a travel credit should be acceptable.

Ontario has seen plenty of its essential workers being assaulted with both coughs and spitting. Ontario police officers have also been having to deal with that and have charged a variety of suspects. 

According to data released by CBC News, COVID-19 outbreaks in B.C. are beginning to taper out. In the province, hospitalizations and active cases have been consistent for the last week and the disease growth curve as of now has been flattened.

Someone in Alberta tried TikTok's "COVID Challenge" and they were arrested for it. The dangerous new trend on the video-sharing app apparently involves licking things that don't belong to you. Taber Police stated that it's a "serious breach of good citizenship and conduct that is required during this time of crisis."

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