As Ontario's COVID-19 cases continue to grow daily, the province is continuing to see more deaths. On Thursday, the government reported the biggest single-day jump of newly reported COVID-19 deaths in Ontario to date. The province reported 26 more deceased patients and 483 new positive cases. 

According to the Government of Ontario's website, to date, we have had 200 deaths in Ontario. This amounts to a total of 3.5% of all cases. 

Nearly half of these deaths have been attributed to outbreaks in hospitals or long-term care homes, according to CP24.

So far, there have been outbreaks in 15 hospitals and 69 long-term care homes.

As of Thursday morning, Ontario now has 5,759 confirmed cases across the province, with 2,305 of them considered to be resolved. 

Ford is now pushing for more testing as the number of cases across the province continues to rise.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Ford stated that the low COVID-19 test rate was “unacceptable” and that moving forward, the province would be working towards testing 13,000 patients a day.

This would be a 10,000 increase per day from the 3,000 tests that were being completed daily across the province.

“I want to see every frontline health worker in this province tested and along with our first responders, our police, fire, paramedics. We owe it to them,” Ford stated.

The move comes after the government reported the biggest single-day jump the province has ever seen on Wednesday. 

With 550 new cases, the province broke the 5,000 mark. 

Last week, the Premier of Ontario warned that a "surge" would be coming in the next few weeks. 

While he was unable to clarify exactly when it would happen, Ford did state that thousands of lives are currently at stake as the pandemic continues. 

According to data from the government of Ontario, there are currently more 20-39-year-olds who have fallen ill than those aged 60-79.

Millennials currently make up just over 25% of all cases in the province, while those between the ages of 40-59 make up 34%. 

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