Alberta sure was busy testing for COVID-19 this weekend. As of Sunday, April 19, the province has reported 2,803 cases of COVID-19 in Alberta, with 241 new cases reported on Sunday. As such, this is more than 1,000 new cases in Alberta in the course of just one week.

Just last week, Alberta announced that everyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 could get tested for the disease.

This means that anyone with a fever, cough, or shortness of breath could apply for a test by filling out an online form on the Alberta Health Services website

“As long as we maintain our testing and lab capacity, it is my hope that we can continue to offer this broad access to testing. With this change, going forward, we will see a further increase in the number of cases confirmed every day as a result of this testing,” stated Dr. Deena Hinshaw during the April 13, announcement. 

It looks as though the jump in confirmed cases has happened. According to Alberta Health Services, as of April 19, there were 2,803 COVID-19 cases in the province, 241 of which were newly reported that day. 

Just one week ago, the government of Alberta confirmed that on April 13, the total number of confirmed cases was at 1,735. 

This means that in just one week, confirmed cases have jumped up by 1,068. 

Since last Monday, there have been five additional deaths in the province bringing the total to 55. This number includes Canada’s youngest death of a woman in her 20s. 

According to the Government of Alberta, 101,323 tests have been completed. Given the information, it’s fair to conclude that the numbers of confirmed cases in Alberta could still rise. 

It does not necessarily mean that all these are newly transmitted cases, but because testing eligibility has expanded widely to include everyone, these cases are newly confirmed. 

Of the confirmed cases, there have been 1,198 people who have recovered. This means that around 42% of people have recovered so far. 

Altogether, 1,997 cases are in the Calgary zone with Edmonton having 429 cases. 

The Government of Alberta explains that the “most probable scenario for Alberta suggests the virus will reach its peak mid-May.”

During that time, an estimated 820 people could require hospitalization with a quarter of those people requiring critical care. 

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