If you've always wondered what it'd be like to live in an abandoned ghost town, look no further than Alberta's major cities. Over the past few days, Edmonton and Calgary have been looking absolutely deserted as COVID-19 in Alberta has led the province to declare a local state of emergency and advise social distancing. It seems that people are taking no chances with being out and about on the cities' streets. 

In addition, most Albertan non-essential businesses and services have basically been closed to the public in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Schools have closed down indefinitely, universities have shuttered their campuses and moved their classes online, and restaurants are being told to take fewer patrons than ever before. 

Gatherings of over 50 people in all non-essential locations have been banned; this includes weddings, funerals, and conferences. 

The province just declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, March 17, in which they announced that Albertans can no longer go to casinos, recreation centres, fitness centres, arenas, bars, or indoor children's play centres until further notice. 

So really, there isn't much to do. Since our provincial governments are encouraging a social distancing policy among the public, as stated on their official website, there is no denying that the streets have emptied out considerably. 

Judging by the photos that we've been spotting all over the internet, it seems that even our transit stations, malls, and busy downtown streets are looking pretty sparse. 

Here, you have a Calgary train looking eerily empty as it heads downtown. Public transit is not included in the list of places that can't have more than 50 people at once. But you wouldn't know it from the photos. 

Many shops have decided to close down amid the pandemic but the malls are still technically open. It's beyond unusual to see the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall, look this abandoned. 

The downtown locations in Calgary that normally represent the hustle and bustle of city life are looking positively desolate at the moment as well. 

It doesn't seem like it's any different during rush hour either. At least Calgarians don't have to worry about stress-inducing traffic. 

And finally, we know airports are getting hit hard. WestJet and Air Canada have cancelled a handful of flights, Canada has closed its borders to foreign nationals. 

The airports are looking particularly grim during this public health crisis. The photos of the Calgary International Airport and the Edmonton International Airport say it all.

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