Dr. Hinshaw isn't about dishing out false promises. On Tuesday, April 21, Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health addressed the public on whether the province is thinking of lifting any restrictions in the near future. She said that we must resist the temptation of thinking that COVID-19 in Alberta is almost over just because some of our measures seem to be working. 

"I'm hearing a lot of discussion about wanting to start opening up and getting back to more of a normal routine," she said in her press conference

She said that she understands this desire and that she herself wants to resume normal life again. 

"The challenge we are facing is that in some ways, we are a victim of our own success," she said. 

The province has collectively pulled together to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 disease. "And to a large measure, we have succeeded," the top doctor stated.  

But this bit of good news isn't enough to begin resuming our normal routines. 

"The temptation we need to resist is to think because we haven't yet seen the spread our model predicted, that means the problem has gone away," she said. 

Dr. Hinshaw emphatically denied that assumption, saying "That is not true. The virus is still with us." 

We still need to be serious about the situation, even as we think about reopening segments of our society. 

She compared the pandemic to a "tidal wave," something that could have swept in and left a trail of destruction behind. 

Thankfully, this didn't happen because we collectively formed a "barrier" through our actions to prevent the full force of the wave from striking us. 

The potential force of such a "wave" is still very much here, she reminded us. Therefore, Dr. Hinshaw said that we will need to follow "core elements of public health measures" for many more months to come.

It's been seven weeks since Alberta announced its first case of COVID-19. Since then, the province has recorded 3,094 more cases and has confirmed 61 deaths as of Tuesday, April 21. 

Going forward, Dr. Hinshaw said that the province must strike a balance between two things: minimizing the spread of the disease and ensuring our society can function to support our mental, physical, and economic health. 

That's why the social and physical distancing policies aren't going away anytime soon, although there's hope that the province is considering reopening certain businesses and facilities. 

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