No matter how challenging things get, postal workers continue their essential work. The spread of COVID-19 in Canada has not stopped mail delivery. However, the postal workers union has asked Canadians to help them out by cleaning their mailboxes.

In a March 30 news release, the CUPW asked that people help their postal carriers out by washing and disinfecting their mailboxes, along with handrails and door handles.

The union is also asking customers to give postal workers adequate space while they are doing their job and not go to any postal offices if they are feeling sick.

Canada Post also outlined its own requests in a March 30 news release. These include leaving your door closed during delivery and giving workers delivering to community mailboxes at least two metres of space.

They also asked that people not allow their dogs to approach any employees while they are working, which has become a bigger concern with more people staying home.

CUPW also cited the Public Health Agency of Canada in saying that the risk of getting the virus from packages or mail is low, due to the length of time for delivery.

"There is no known risk of coronaviruses entering Canada on parcels or packages," the agency states.

"People are relying on the postal system to keep the economy going and getting vital goods to their homes," CUPW president Jan Simpson said in a statement.

"They need to know whether their mail is safe. It's critical that we do all we can, and we will stay vigilant as the situation develops each day."

Two postal workers in St. John's, Newfoundland recently tested positive for COVID-19, leading to increased safety measures from the mail and package corporation.

CUPW is still calling on Canada Post to provide more personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, for its workers.

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